The ‘Salty’ Ball Family!

We are a Kiwi family of 5 who has sold everything, leaving behind the daily grind to go on an extraordinary adventure!!

We have bought a boat and taken on the challenge of sailing to amazing locations and distant lands, while educating our children along the way.

We are offf to see the World, as much of it as we can…. And to show our children what lies beyond the horizon and how we are all a part of it.


Our Planned Journey…

We have a loosely planned journey.

We will leave from New Zealand, and head to Fiji. From there we will go to Tonga to hopefully see some whales. Then back to Fiji, on to Vanuatu. Once there we will decide where to spend the next Hurricane season, either the top area of Australia, or up to Indonesia and the outlying Islands there.

From there we will head through the Indonesian group, on to hopefully see some Orangutans in Borneo, and up toward Asia. Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam….the list is ongoing.

After this, we are undecided….who knows where the winds will take us!




Our Family…



Chae. Skipper of the good ship Waterhorse.

The daddy of the bunch. This was his mad, crazy, adventurous idea.

After working in a high stress corporate job for a very loooong time, he decided there needed to be a shift in priorities. He chose more time with kids and family, and his love for the sea called!

He is mad about racehorses, his kids, fishing and the Northcote Tavern – which will be sadly missed!

Special talents include growing an enviable beard, selling crazy life change ideas to his wife, making a mean pasta, winching up the sail to get guns like Pop-eye, parking the boat like a pro (99% of the time!)



Anneliese. First Mate, Mum and Safety Officer!

Anneliese has been full time domestic CEO for our family for the last 10 years.  She loves her 2 maine coon cats, good coffee and having a good yarn.

Special talents include, drinking vodka, reading a book every week, making new friends, organising everything with military precision, being handy and cooking a mean feed.







Emelia. Bosun, Deckhand and Trainee Chef.

The wonderful eldest daughter, who loves nothing more than to read and never go to sleep at night. We have often found her wandering the boat in an effort to avoid bed at all costs! She will bomb into the water off almost anything and we think she may be part mermaid.

Special talents include going up the mast to fix things, making pikelets, reading, bombs off the coach top roof






Noah. 2nd Deckhand, Trainee Engineer and PlayStation expert.


Noah has taken to boat life like a duck to water, we wonder if this is the life he was born to live! Driving the dinghy is his favourite pastime, he is a quick witted hilarious kid, who loves a good joke and

Special talents include never giving up asking when he wants something, keeping his room especially tidy, drawing hilarious pictures of his sisters, eating more pancakes than you think will fit in his stomach,









Libby. 3rd Deckhand and Fishing Officer/Co-Ordinator.

Little Libby is our wild, outgoing, outrageously funny and cheeky youngest child. She’s loves nothing more than a bit of rough see to watch out her windows. She loves bugs, insects and creepy crawlies so much she may be a mini Attenborough in training. Fishing is her new favourite pastime since moving onto the boat.

Special talents include making her bed like a pro, being the most patient fisherwoman known to man, bug and insect identification knowledge,