With so many words written about passages lately, and this one being a short and sweet 450NM (3 and a bit days) passage, I decided to capture a series of images that meant something to us on the trip.

To show you the daily life in colour rather than words…



The full moon that guided us west the entire way.


A small amount of wind each day gave a few sailing opportunities. Trimming and tidying at the mast before sundown.

Sunrise, always my favourite.


Noah. Junior fish slayer in training.




Our good luck and safe passage garlands from Thailand, still hanging on.


Silliness with wraps at lunchtime.


Marlin chasing track!



The great white hunter! Look at those guns…



Another epic sunrise. I can never have enough.


Breakfast while the Captain and crew sleep, quiet time in the cockpit for me.


PlayStation to pass time.


Soaking off the filth that smothered our docklines while in Galle ‘pen’.


Breakfast baby.


Calm water, we were surrounded by it, swishing past the hulls.




Churning of the propeller, leaving our wake trail.


All the pillows, zzzzz…


Another quiet moment in the deep calm of the morning.


Helping to make lunch.


Home pickled onions with the fish salad we had.


We got inked in the night by the passing squid!


Eerily calm and strikingly beautiful.


Windless and getting tattered…


Goodnight, Sun.


Counting the pancakes to see how many he can scoff!








Cheeky grins



Knots for purpose


Courtesy flag up, we are arriving!


Nowhere is immune from trash…not even the Maldives


Land Ahoy!!


Farewell, passage my friend.